Among the things we take for granted

Greedy for what we hadn’t realized we wanted

Add to that the long-lost feeling of ‘wonder’

A matrix so sound there’s nothing left to ponder


Mysteries that science and logic explain

Disbelief for spirits of the evil slain;

Mystical creatures that exist only in myth

No starry-eyed children for Peter Pan to fly with

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A feeling of love… again

It was not the universe in play, straying signs in her path regarding true love and soul mates. It was the flippant nature residing in her that made these decisions, Marisa was convinced of it. The spontaneous, impulsive side that everyone saw, and which she could not bear to change. She could count the boulevards that had led her to nowhere. The one that had gotten away, the one who had married her best friend, the one who let her go believing she loved someone else. The one who paid her no heed, the one who taught her lust without love, and the one who had given her his heart when she was too young to care.

She saw her friends who walked carefully through life, taking each decision after a great deal of thought, conservative to the core. They imagined themselves to have wrapped a security blanket all around their happiness, shielding it from irrationality, from life’s less pleasant surprises. As if being careful and calculated was going to save them from any kind of trouble that could befall them.  Continue reading A feeling of love… again