Beyond the white shroud



Some nights he spends writhing in anguish.

When he sees me, he holds my hand tightly.

Buries his face in my hair.

Kisses me through his tears.


And I let him.

I’ll visit him until the day he stops flowering my grave.




This is my response to this week’s ultimate Gargleblaster question, ‘Do you see her much?’, which is to be answered in 42 words exact. Go check out this fun challenge by clicking on the badge. Grid closes in 2 days or 42 entries, and it fills up fast!



Lone blue heart

He traced the familiar lines on her palm.

She shudders, lips too weak to implore.

Lone blue heart pierced, blood gushing out.


His murder weapon? A pen.

Filling pages and reader’s minds with stunned dread.

A beloved character. Gone. In a flash.





This is my 42-word response to this week’s gargleblaster which asks, “Who dunnit?”

Silence of the night


A beautiful place to bring my muse
A kingdom designed to feel like heaven
My mind with peace and calm I infuse
Silence that bursts through calls of a raven

As the night blinks black to an array of stars
Constellations to trace in a trance of symphony
Serenity which simply accepts all scars
Away from monotony and city’s cacophony

I sleep tonight with a comforting thought,
That I’m not alone in the middle of nowhere
Though the only one awake among a sleepy lot,
I free my muse to run here and there…


The same mistake


Let the past mingle with present
Merrily, the clink of a glass
The same whiskey bubbling around
Fogging your breath the ride back home

He likes it too, the same ol brand
And drunkenly slurs old film songs
At times he even looks like you,
Charming smile on a cocky face

I wonder what these choices mean
Chasing replicas of mistakes
Same old hangouts, same bartender
They see me with a different you


Over at dVerse, Claudia tells us to write a poem that conveys certain emotions without ever naming the emotion! That is to indirectly convey the emotion through scent, visuals, storytelling, etc. What a fun prompt, and this was my response!

Image sourced from here.




You were never worth it
Never worth that much pain,
Countless tears wasted and
Constantly throbbing ache

I never saw through you
Till someone slapped me hard
Woke me up, made me see
What you’re really made of
It was in front of me
Right underneath my eyes
The lying, the doubting,
How could I not have seen?
Finally I’m awake
Broken down opaque walls
See you in clear light
Stripped down, nowhere to hide

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A tree, a book and a look

Without a word, she dropped to the ground. She tucked the book she was reading under her arm, and folded her hands over it, leaning casually back against the trunk of the tree she had just descended from.

The boy had knocked on the door of the house once or twice, and assuming no one to be home, had just turned to leave when she suddenly materialized in front of him, armed with a book and a disgruntled look.

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The stargazers

Fiddling with dials,
Twiddling fingers
Night after night,
Immersed in numbers

Starry backdrops
Centuries zooming past,
Time travelling.

Destining lives,
At inception of souls
Heavenly immortality
Or black hell-holes

Some put faith in fate,
The stars know; and so we gaze.



This is my reponse to the very first gargleblaster challenge over at Yeahwrite. We have to answer the question in 42 words exactly, and the question was:

What’s so amazing that keeps us stargazing?




And I love this challenge already, it’s fun!