Cat tactics

It’s 4 am, and once more I find myself wide awake, haunted, not by ghosts but by images, hunted, not by demons but by blood-sucking pests, nicotine hits force my eyelids open each minute, and strangely, my thoughts are about… a cat.

This cat.

I’m also thinking about the blood-sucking pests. But mostly about the cat.

Her name is Luna. She looks like a cat, purrs like a cat and has a furry boyfriend with mean whiskers and a stiff tail. But Luna is not an ordinary cat. She’s what I shall call, drum roll please, a felinist. She has adopted a café frequented by dogs because she believes she has as much right to be there as the doggos that come out to play. Luna is a cat on a mission. She fights for a better world, a world where no human should have to choose to be a cat-person or a dog-person. She believes there should be just persons, specifically, humans who will always feed her, pet her, play with her and make a fuss when she disappears. Trees and fences are her vantage points, and from high on up, she carries out her covert operations on dogs so she can learn how to behave like one. And from time to time, she takes polls on whether people can spot any difference between her and the tail-wagging puppers.

Now, about the mosquitos. I have but a few complaints. Firstly, they have utter disregard for privacy. To barge into people’s rooms through shut windows, just to suck a few drops of blood. The nerve! It is spiritual, in a way, how their lives are spent searching for light and drinking the blood of their enemies. Might make for a good fantasy thriller. And they are suspiciously political in nature. Sneak attacks, maim but spare life (unless it can’t be helped), strength in numbers. Makes me wonder who hired them and what the agenda is. But never mind all that. As far as I’m concerned, I only want the customer care number. I need to report a privacy violation.


Love was the greatest truth you ever taught me. I keep reading between your lines, and I find only what my eyes seek: proof that you are long gone, and my hands clasp a skeleton that once held your soul. I left a living fragment of myself in that dimly lit room where we once spent a lazy Sunday afternoon. I remember how your long, beautiful eyelashes uttered poetry with every glance, how we crawled further into each other’s lives with every story, every kiss, every syllable. Was it the same day you told me that I was the poem you were writing, and that our story will write its own ending? Tell me, are we at the close now? I can no longer tell apart a beginning, a middle or an end. Perhaps I have felt this before, perhaps you have always known this. I have left myself behind, in that room, so that even death cannot erase the memory of what was once beautiful.


Have you ever read me, all of me, my words, my creation, my poetry, my prose, all at once, everything I ever had to say, the words said as well as the thoughts left unsaid? Is it just me who does that? It seems like I’ve been a sponge all my life, absorbing the words of total strangers, pouring their lives into my soul, drinking their words like nectar. I remember being parched for your words but you never quenched my thirst, instead you shoved poems up my ass, watching your words dissolve, slowly, and seep inside my body like a saline drip. Tonight, I wish to be read like an open rose, tonight I want to be remembered for these words, the very words I will despise tomorrow for all the thoughts left unsaid.


I was watching porn last night. My old lady down under was feeling a bit neglected, so I decided to take my time browsing for just the right thing to get those juices flowing.

It must be said – for porn newbies like me, it takes a while before it hits the spot. It needs patience, it needs experience, and willingness to get your hands dirty. First, you need to set the basic premise. Are you in the mood for foreplay, or will you get down to business? Is this going to be a quickie, or will you go for second and third helpings? And what about dessert? Once this is done, you may open that incognito mode in your browser and begin.

At first glance, there are several categories you can eliminate right away. Big tits? Not my thing. Lesbian, gay, bestial, Hentai, MILF, cartoon, anime, cosplay, foot fetishes, handjob, blowjob, masturbation, trans, pregnancy, pissing – hell no. (I like to stay on top of things that don’t get me off). This part needs careful experimentation – start with a small peek like a voyeur hot on their prey, and if it’s too much to handle, get out before you’re scarred for life.

Now, don’t let your freak fetishes tie you down. Be open to exploring your options, you might find yourself pleasantly stimulated. Don’t be afraid to use the search button, no one’s going to judge you for typing in ‘schoolgirl pigtails minge’ (plus it’s incognito so fuck off). Another tip – you may think ‘mainstream explicit’ is a wonderful discovery – Salma Hayek is a total babe, look she’s taking off that white top now – and suddenly, wham – out of nowhere you’re watching a B-grade actress being groped by a moustached hunk, or watching some girl piss on a hairy chest. Point of no return, you have been warned.

Jeez. If you took all that seriously, you’re sadder than I am. I was never a porn person, but times like these really make you introspect. They tell you porn is unrealistic, that nobody has that much fun during sex, and porn stars are really gods and goddesses in disguise, messing with our heads. (Never heard that last one before? I made it up. But imagine if that were true.) But to them, I say: romcoms are not exactly pragmatic and believable either, sex is fun if you are having fun with it, and at least with porn, there are no unpleasant surprises at the end (no one dies in porn and it has something for everybody). That’s a one up for porn.

Mirror – Part 3

People ask me why I keep visiting Goa, over and over. I tell them there are multiple ways to see the same place. Even a mirror reflects only one angle at a time, you need to turn and twist until you see the whole picture.

Goa is a place where energies combine – sex meets spiritualism – and one feels a general sense of belonging. It got me thinking whether it’s the place that makes the people, or is it the other way round? Maybe people don’t really belong to any place, they belong unto themselves. I seem to belong everywhere and nowhere. I constantly find myself in the strange and eccentric company of musicians, poets, models, entrepreneurs, creators, and I am merely the onlooker, the dreamer, the realist, the observer, the invisible writer in a crowd of outliers.

Today I sit in one of the hippest cafès in Goa, typing away on my laptop – the only brown, rotund, tar-smoking, coffee-drinking city-dweller on the brink of death and external existential crisis, among a sea of white, fit, tan hippies smoking pot, braless, fearless, babies on one hip, dreadlocked and loose-lipped, and for a minute I experience the familiar dread of not belonging – but only for a minute. How shallow of me to pass judgment from the outside, how obtuse of me to label the aesthetic as empty shells, for I have found pearls in the most unlikely places.

And so I just relax the furrows on my brow, sink into my chair and put on a smile. At least for this morning, I am comfortable in my own skin and happy to just be me, and for now, that is enough.

Mirror – Part 2

Mirrors have strange qualities. They reflect and they invert. Every person becomes a mirror to at least one of another’s traits.

I’m lying on a beach bed, sipping a beer. I have run away, all by my lonesome, to a beautiful resort in a small Goan village. Everything I need, and more, is right here. My insecurities lie abandoned, hundreds of miles away, in a home I may not return to, in a city that no longer feels mine, and unnoticed by friends that once felt like home.

I watch gorgeous young bodies tanning in the sun, flaunting taut stomachs and flawless skin, and I have no inhibitions and not a care in the world. But I watch healthy minds wasting on beach beds, browning, browning, and I wonder what they contemplate when they lie beneath the sun all day long, I wonder what happens of the endless rumination, and I wonder where it all goes. And I look down at my own self, and look, I am still tightly wound, the strings still threaten to unravel at the first pull, and still I continue to stack the blocks, waiting for the game board to collapse.

And then I see it, the inversion, my mirrors by the seaside. There’s the crowd, in twos and threes, and then there’s me, the outsider with no category. I have seen my reflection, now that I’ve stopped trying to belong. I have learnt something from the ocean. I hold up a mirror to the ocean, but my reflection stays invisible until called into existence.

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Mirror – Part 1

I have always wondered what it is about escape that makes it so inevitably attractive.

I thought I was a Carrie as I sat writing and smoking cigarettes full of tar in the balcony of my expensive sea-facing room. But after a long walk and intense reflection in front of a mirror, I feel more like the old man from Iris Murdoch’s The Sea, the Sea – the sixty-year-old, retired ex-playwright who moves into a little cottage by the sea and begins to pen down his memoirs, yet drifting, always drifting from the storyline and looping back to begin over, and finally letting his past drag him back.

I think it is the city that brings out our vices and our insecurities. The city me is awkward, clumsy, angry, depressed, spiteful, egoistic, weak, helpless. Back home, I die a little every day. Back home it is always night, and the night brings no sleep, and there’s darkness hanging from the ceiling and descending onto your fingertips. Back in the city, mirrors are magic; selfies they are called and they cover up blemishes, haze over the corpulence, and reflect distortions of the truth.

The seaside me is, well, happy. The ocean has been a far better mirror. I can hear the chirps in my head again, I can even dance to the brass beats of my mind. I may still be dying, but I am living a little as I die. I may still hate myself, but I am letting the ocean, the wind and the solitude love me just a little.

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My room is a mess. The mess used to feel like home earlier. Now everything feels a little alien, like I’ve taken over someone else’s body, someone else’s chaos. This is not my mess. I want someone else to claim it. Every morning I empty the pile on my chair on to my bed. Every night I put it back, but I add a bit more to it. A little bit more, just enough that it doesn’t spill over. When you forget something, you have to retrace your steps in an attempt to remember it. Even the most inconsequential things can jog your memory. Like the sock dangling over the full-length mirror, or the empty coffee cup that’s left dried stains on the desk. I’m in a loop, revisiting my life in an attempt to fill in the blanks. None of this is real. I have already lived, and now I’m just waiting, waiting for the end of the circle, the beginning.

For the Pensieve

One of us had fallen and we shielded him as we mourned his passing, and to me, death was a white sheet covering a frail body and a glass eye staring up at me. People sobbed, but a laugh escaped my body, for there stood my dead friend beside me, bottle in hand, fixing his usual sharp gaze on his own lifeless body. The mere act of looking up versus looking down makes all the difference in the world. The living grieving, pitying, reminiscing, outliving the dead. Heaven above, hell below, and an amused soul watching from the bardo. I think he winked at me then, and his favourite song played somewhere in the background, and his words floated up to me about death, dreams and friendship. And somehow, miraculously, even as they burnt his body to a crisp, I made my peace with his sudden departure into non-existence.

R.I.P., dear friend.


I don’t speak much these days. There’s hardly any time to waste in jibber-jabber. There’s no time to make love, no time to start all over. The muse has flown from its cage, there’s no more poetry just an empty page. Did you know, I turned eighteen just yesterday? The day before that, I was learning to ride a bicycle. A week before that, I took my first ever steps. We shall always be infants in the universe, you and me. You want time to heal your wounds, but darling, my teeth sink so deep in your skin the scars will last a lifetime, and tomorrow we shall both be dead. You can rage and rant and pace and chant, you can smoke and drink all you want, and in the end you will remember me but I shall be long gone.