Some things are just too easy to toss away. I was cleaning my room with gusto last night (adding to that some loud music, dancing in pajamas and an extremely rare moment of applying nail paint) and I filled two whole bags with crap which I had so carefully stored for years with some special sentimental value. And after all those years I casually tossed it without more than a second’s thought.

This, I think is the moment where you realise you have really, truly and completely moved on and though the memories with those persons you will cherish forever, you don’t need those memories stored in a box, and you’re better off without the sentiment. I’d prefer those memories were hidden inside my mind and within my control rather than jumping out at me when I’m hunting for an old hat at the back of the closet.

Does this casual tossing away imply that those years / moments I spent with the person meant nothing to me? Does the fact that I could toss it away mean the person didn’t have a special place in my heart? Of course not. Sure, it was special and it was painful. I’ve been loved and I’ve been wounded. And now that time has passed. Why ruin that with prolonged sentiments that make you go back in time to the flurry of emotions that the two of you couldn’t sort? Focus on your present, I’m sure it’s much more happening than the past we keep digging up.

I know what we had was special.  I won’t misunderstand. Just toss it out.